What Makes Safe-T Nails the Smartest,
Eco-Friendly Solution?

 Safe-T Nails Manicure, Pedicure and Pedicure Pro kits are the best solution for consumers and Salons. With the risk of infection and incidents on the rise, even the best salons face the fact that, despite safety procedures, quality and care of traditional nail stations; you are still at risk of infecting a customer with a variety of bacteria and fungi that, at their worst, can forever damage the hands and fingers
or make your customers sick.

Safe-T Nails can help you significantly reduce the risk of infection, save water, promote an eco-friendly salon AND give your customers an incredible, quality manicure or pedicure.

The Top Reasons to Use
Safe-T Nails

  • Waterless, Disposable Manicure and Pedicure kits that will save water and protect your customers
  • Since there is no need to soak, Nail Salons save time on every manicure/pedicure and increase client turnover, increasing overall profits
  • Hair Salons can create an “Express Nail Service” using Safe-T Nails for clients while hair is being dressed
  • Get professional certification from Safe-T Nails
  • Reduce costs and never have to buy, care for or replace tools again – everything you need is included in every kit

No More Wasting Water

Salons can use up to 5 gallons of water when doing a manicure and pedicure. This water waste is bad for the environment and taxes our precious resources. Safe-T Nails eliminate the use of water during manicures and pedicures, making the whole nail treatment 100% waterless.

Saving water is good for your community, for your customers and for your business.

Remove Water. Reduce the Risk of Infection.

Water usage can increase the risk of infection, especially when those salons are not regularly replacing the water used between appointments. Many salons have faced horror stories of having to be shut down or face the wrath of customers who have endured fungal and bacterial nail infections. Bacterial severity can range from causing rashes to much more harmful effects. Types of bacteria found in water can include Legionella, E. coli, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, Cholera, and even Hepatitis.

Safe-T Nails reduces the risk of infection from water or repeated use of tools, with their effective Safe-T Nails waterless, disposable, one-time-use manicure and pedicure kits.

How Safe is Your Nail Salon?

Fatal Bacterial Infection

A Mountain View area Nail Salon was sued for the fatal infection of a customer caused by water-borne bacteria from a pedicure

Source: Nails Magazine 

Hospitalized from Pedicure

A Benton Arkansas Salon customer suffered from “cellulitis, a bacterial infection” after receiving a scratch from a buffer stone and soaking

Source: Self Magazine 

Man Contracts Bacterial Infection

A simple pedicure is the cause of an Indiana man’s bacterial infection. The likely cause: tools and an unsanitary whirlpool bath.

Source: NBC Washington 

Are You Putting Your Clients and Your Salon at Risk?

Nail salons are a $7 billion industry in the United States. Over the past few years, distressed nail salon customers have filed lawsuits against nail salon owners for improper or inadequate sanitizing practices. Some customers have been left with infections as a result of these unclean conditions, some as serious as Hepatitis, which, in some circumstances, have turned deadly. Reports of similar incidents resulting from unsanitary nail salons have occurred throughout the United States, leading the public to question the nail salon practices within their own communities.

Sources: Office of the New York Public Advocate , US News Health

  • Salon customers may inadvertently be exposed to infections resulting from improper sterilization of nail equipment.
  • Footbaths used in nail salons contain a variety of bacteria that can cause a client to develop infections…
  • [A] nail salon in California admitted to never cleaning out footbaths and researchers found skin remnants and…human hair in their pedicure baths.
  • About 75 percent of salons in the U.S. don’t follow state protocol for disinfection
  • Nail fungus can spread in a salon if foot baths and instruments aren’t cleaned properly.
  • You are more likely to develop an infection if you have diabetes, are over 65, wear artificial nails, have a skin injury around a nail, or have moist fingers or toes for an extended period of time

Safe-T Nails
Sterilized. Hygienic. Waterless. Disposable.
Your Salons Perfect Solution.

Safe-T Nails removes risk by developing their innovative disposable, waterless manicure and pedicure kits. All the necessary tools come in every kit. Use once and dispose – protecting your customer and protecting your salon. With one try, you’ll see how our proprietary lotion leaves a silky smooth feeling in the hands and feet and provides a wonderful, bacteria free mani/pedi.

Safe-T Nails kits are Available on Amazon.

Safe-T Nails Waterless Disposable Manicure Kit
Safe-T Nails Waterless Disposable Pedicure Professional Kit

What you get in every Safe-T Nails Kit

Manicure Kits include: Gloves with Active Cream
Pedicure and Pro: kits include Socks with Active Cream.

All kits include a Disposable Nail File 

All kits include a Disposable Nail Stick 

All kits include One (1) Disposable Towel 

Hygienic Foot File. Pedicure Pro Kit Only. Works with Safe-T Handle (sold separately).

The Smarter Choice for Nails to Impress.

Safe-T Nails. The first of it’s kind Waterless, Disposable, Safe and Hygienic Manicure and Pedicure Kits. Designed to help your salon save water and money all while providing a high quality manicure and pedicure to your clients. Contact us today to find out how to get your first order of Safe-T Nails Manicure and Pedicure kits.

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